Call for expression of interest for participation in the Project “Counseling, Training and Certification” of the Act “Computer Power Goes Green”, MIS code 5129748
 The completion of all the fields of the application is MANDATORY.
 Every applicant receives a unique application code number, upon filling the participation request form, which is sent via email.

1. Personal Information

Name  :
Surname  :
Father's name  :
Mother's name  :
Date of Birth  :
Open the calendar popup.
Gender/Sex  :
Country/Place of Birth  :
Mobile number  :
e-Mail Address  :
Social Security Number  :
VAT Registration Number  :
Identification Card Number  :

2. Address Information

Address (street name)  :
Address (street number) :
City  :
Postal Code  :
Country  :

3. Training subjects in order of preference

3.1 Select the training subjects that interest you, in order of preference  :
Click on the training subjects at the left and by using the right arrow () transfer the training subject(s) you want to the list of the selected ones. Use the arrows (UP , Down ) so that you select the order of preference. Use the buttons () or () to remove training items from the list of the selected ones.
Available training subjects
  • IT Infrastructures and Systems and Environmental Sustainability
  • Modern, Near Zero Energy Professional Spaces
Selected training subjects in order of preference

4. Employment Status and Educational Level

4.3 Employment Status :
4.2 Working Hours:
4.3 Educational Level :
(Note: choose the highest level you have completed, according to your qualifications)

5. Terms

  1. The Technical Chamber of Greece (T.C.G) and the contractor may use my contact data to inform me of the Go Green project or similar purposes in the future either by phone or via email.
  2. I was informed of the existence of GDPR policy on the Technical Chamber of Greece website, which I read and understood.
  3. The information stated in my application is accurate and I agree with the terms of this particular Call for expression of interest .
Please check that all information is correct and then select «Submit - Get Unique Application Code Number» at the bottom of the page, so that your application is inittialy saved and you receive a Unique Application Code Number or click on the «Return Back» button to make correctins to the information you typed.
Supporintg Documents of the application :
- Upload the supporting documents as specified at this Call.
- Click on [open]  in ordder to open each supporting document and click on [Update] in order to upload the file
- If a document has more than one page, include them in one single zip file and upload it.
- Supporting documents for which you have uploaded files, have the column [File] checked.
- You can downlaod your uploaded file by clicking on the button.
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